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With his easygoing style, backwards baseball cap, iconic blue shoes, and a comedic persona, Mr. Blue Shoes is anything but a conventional Bluesman. Mr. Blue Shoes is the brainchild of Michael Dyson, Grammy Award winning producer, youth entertainer, guitarist and performer. To date, Dyson has shared his unique version of the Blues story with over 350,000 children in over 1,200 performances.   “Even though the older Blues Legends are departed, Michael Dyson, a gifted musician – electrifyingly inspires children, as he carries on the Blues tradition and passes the torch for America’s music, it’s impact on our nation’s history and it’s unique tradition in world music to future generations.” — Ginger Head, Founder, Imagination Celebration, Fort Worth




Bruce Manners has been juggling for over 30 years.  Starting when he was in high school after his mother jokingly gave him the book "Juggling for the Complete Klutz", Bruce has performed in a wide variety of events and has entertained audiences of all ages.  Bruce's act, Comedy & Juggling and Stuff, is equal parts stand-up comedy, Las Vegas variety act, and audience participation.  No matter where Bruce has performed, he has consistently proven a crowd favorite.  As an opening act, Bruce has worked with such artists as Penn & Teller, Leon Redbone, The Rembrandts, The Guess Who Band and the Warner Brothers Orchestra.




Tons of Dog tricks (with FIVE Rescued Dogs), Puppets, Giant Bubbles, a Scarlet Macaw, Juggling, Unicycling, Circus Balancing Acts, and LOTS MORE!!!! Follow the dogs on their journey as they search for the secret to finding their forever home. Somehow they always do something to keep from getting adopted so they can stay with their favorite human, Darren, Owner of Circus Chickendog’s Rehabilitation Home for Wayward Dogs. Watch as Darren never realizes that the dogs just don’t want to leave the circus! Bring the whole family to enjoy this fabulous show together!



The Crescent Circus is a husband-wife duo, Nathan Kepner and Morgan Tsu-Raun, who fuse their expertise in magic and circus arts respectively to deliver a one-of-kind experience on stage. Beginning in New Orleans, The Crescent City, Nathan and Morgan have entertained corporate and collegiate audiences across the country and even overseas. Their original stage work has earned them six international titles, performances at London’s prestigious Magic Circle Theater and an appearance on The Tonight Show. 





Tom's Fun Band is a fun and interactive musical group who provides entertainment for children ages 2 - 8.  This group consists of acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass and drums and features the original songs of group founder, Tom Wilbeck.  Tom's Fun Band has been in action since 2007 and has played more than 100 shows per year since its inception.  Tom's Fun Band is more than just great children's music!  The band works hard to bring world class silliness to every show in a manner that is entertaining to all and never offensive.  Adults will have fun and the kids will have the time of their lives when the music starts and the dance party erupts.



Sail Into Books with Sailor Maggie! Margaret’s Sail Into Books is a show FILLED with LOTS and LOTS of puppet characters that come to life right before your eyes! Sail Into Books features the story, Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea, an enchanting story told by Maggie with Elmer the puppet and ventriloquism galore! Elmer goes on a deep sea adventure children will always remember! He encounters everything from sharks to submarines, pirates to porpoises, and finally emerges from his adventure in time for Mom to “dry him off” from the adventure in the tub! Children can sing along to old favorites like Octopus's Garden and Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. This is sure to be popular with audiences 2 and up!



Lucas Miller, recognized as an “American Masterpiece” by the National Endowment for the Arts, blends music, puppetry, projected images, and “zoological, stand-up comedy” to teach about monarch butterflies, wetlands, animal defenses, endangered species, symbiosis, and other nature-related topics.  Once described as “Dr. Doolittle, Bruce Springsteen, and Robin Williams all rolled up in one," Lucas delights children and parents alike with his dynamic stage presence and songs like “The Anaconda La Bamba,” “A Snake’s NOT Slimy” and “Gotta Take Care of the Hive.” Lucas holds a degree in zoology and underneath all the silliness is good, solid science education.



With a lively style that is warm and humorous, storyteller, Sue Kuentz excites and connects to family audiences by taking them on journeys through her multicultural folktales, fairy tales, urban legends and personal stories from around the world. Using words, music, puppetry, and even string figures, she engages active participation among the listeners, mesmerizing even the most reluctant of kids. Sue’s storytelling passion and energy originated from her 32 years as an elementary teacher and librarian in San Antonio. Family members telling stories to each other at home is her dream and through her modeling and encouragement, stories will live for generations to come!




Dru Woods is a professional storyteller.  She provides programs for early childhood though Senior Adults which are designed to motivate reading and to instill an appreciation of literature and storytelling.  With her 30 years of experience in teaching Speech and Theatre, Dru brings a creative and enthusiastic atmosphere to each event.  Music and puppetry are incorporated to bring a magical experience to the listener.



Galveston resident Ryan Anderson, Founder of Ryan’s RazzMaTazz, is a familiar face around Galveston Island. Ryan can be found sharing smiles at community and private events, story hours, school events, birthday parties and hospital events.
Karen Anderson, Ryan’s Event Coordinator, is a retired Early Intervention Specialist and Family Life Educator sharingnRyan’s passion for positive family enrichment.




Tipi Tellers tell Earth stories to teach listeners of all ages how to appreciate the earth, and how to help preserve its natural resources. Bring your stories to your outdoor learning area. The Phoenix Storytelling Tipi Tellers provide storytelling sessions for schools, libraries, summer camps, church groups and more. We support TEKS for any grad level and create a program to meet you needs. We tell 45 minute age appropriate stories that encourage positive character traits, connection with the environment and preservation of history and culture.




Walk and talk with the animals as you visit Marsha’s Petting Zoo. 


Entrance to the petting zoo is a nominal fee charged for feed cups if you wish to feed the animals.



The show features high flying extreme stunts on bicycles using a 4 1/2 ft box jump ramp and a 9 ft vert quarter pipe, a professional PA system with high energy, tasteful music and announcing. The show lasts between 20-30 minutes in length and will have multiple shows. As performers they have done many fabulous shows from fairs, circuses and expos to schools and churches and have drawn huge crowds to each event. The riders are some of the best in the Southern United States and love to show off their amazing talents.



Jerry Poscovsky is one of the lucky few who has fun while working in his career. Most of his professional life he’s been creating and doing animation, cartoons and illustrations. He’s also written and illustrated several children’s books including; My Silly 10 Little Toes, Hippidi & Dippidi, and Am I Brave Enough To Believe In Myself. Additionally his background includes working on a children’s TV show, cartoon segments, puppets and set designs, writing and producing for live action TV and film projects, advertising and publishing. He has even done voices for cartoon characters on animated shows. Besides his cartoon side, he creates fine art displayed in galleries and art shows. Jerry has stated that he sincerely feels really lucky to have had the opportunity and the blessings to do what he loves for his career.

Jerry will be in the Storytelling Tent.

You can see samples of his fine art at www.jerryposcovsky.com/


From young to old everyone is invited to get their face painted in a variety of ways. From a small image to a full face we can transform you into your favorite animal, fairy, superhero and more!

Please note: The Grand charges a fee depending on size of design.