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Sue Kuentz

TCA Artist

Toni Simmons

TCA Artist

Joe  McDermott.png

Joe McDermott- Musician

Meet Joe McDermott, hailed as 'a Texas treasure' by the Texas Library Association. With over 30 years of experience in children's entertainment, Joe McDermott's music has earned him numerous awards, including Parent’s Choice Awards and NAPPA recognitions. Renowned for his lively school concerts and innovative workshops, Joe brings creativity to life for elementary school students, utilizing Hollywood special effects to transport them to other worlds. From symphony orchestra compositions to Family Holiday Sing-Alongs, Joe McDermott's music promises unforgettable experiences for audiences of all ages and simply out of this world.

Toni Simmons is a Texas Commission on the Arts storyteller, captivating audiences with her vibrant multicultural tales. With her diverse background, she effortlessly guides listeners on cultural journeys, inviting them to explore distant lands through her spirited storytelling. Through carefully woven rhythms, chants, and movements, Toni's performances breathe life into familiar tales, engaging audiences of all backgrounds at the Festival and beyond. We are pleased to have her back this year.

Morris brothers logo cartoon.png

Rupert “Rootbeer” Morris of The Morris Brothers

We are over the moon to have Rupert Morris of the Morris Brothers at the Festival to rock our socks off.  The Morris Brothers perform around the country and Canada performing at character education assemblies in elementary schools. Rupert, aka Rootbeer, will be here to launch us into orbit with his stellar performance! You can also find him on his webpage.



Lemonade Day

Join the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce as they spark the entrepreneurial spirit in Galveston County's youth for Lemonade Day. Come sign-up and get ready for Lemonade Day 2024 on May 4th.
Children can find guidance, resources, and excitement to start their entrepreneurial journey. Empower your child to embrace entrepreneurship. Encourage them to seize the day, whip up some lemonade, and embark on a sweet journey of innovation and success!

Margaret Clauder aka Astronomer Annie Astronomer with Earth and Moon SF (2).jpg

The Festival is thrilled to introduce Simmbro, a trio of brothers that will steal your heart away. Short for the Simmons brothers, Titus (8), Enzo (7), and Sire (5) are the epitome of charm and creativity. As content creators, they weave magic through music and fun videos, inspiring their peers to embrace self-love, kindness, and the joys of life. Dive into their world at, or better yet, visit their booth to experience their infectious energy firsthand.

Adam Stiltwalker.jpg

Adam Skidmore- Stilt Walker


Volo Aerial Arts

The Grand Kids Festival will feature aerialist Kate Kislingbury on 22nd and Postoffice Street. Kate Kislingbury was born and raised in Texas and studied classical ballet in Galveston before moving to Austin. We are thrilled to have her perform at the Festival. You will find her in the center of 22nd and Postoffice Street. 


Sue Kuentz, a Texas Commission on the Arts storyteller, is an annual Festival favorite known for her lively and humorous style. With multicultural tales and personal narratives, she engages family audiences using words, music, puppetry, and string figures. Drawing from her 32-year teaching and librarian experience, Sue inspires active participation, even from reluctant listeners. Her passion for storytelling aims to revive the tradition of family storytelling, ensuring stories live on for generations.   

Lemonade day Galveston.jpg

Laura Freeman Music


Laura Freeman Music, created by Austin musician Laura Freeman, brings an array of interactive, educational children’s songs that are fun for the whole family. Learn about other languages, the colors of the rainbow, and more! Her album Color Wheel Cartwheel was recognized by Parenting Magazine as a baby must-have. Check her out for a rainbowlicious, puddle-stomping, monster-marching good time! Laura Freeman is sure to shine bright as a rising star in the musical cosmos.

Toni Simmons.jpg

Margaret Clauder, renowned as a festival favorite, brings her boundless energy to the stage once again, this time as the beloved character Astronomer Annie. With her flair for captivating audiences, Margaret will engage children on an enthralling journey through the cosmos, exploring the mysteries of the sun, moon, and planets. From the depths of Texas to the far reaches of the virtual world, her performances have enchanted countless young hearts and minds. Through her signature blend of interactive storytelling, puppetry, ventriloquism, magic, and humor, Margaret ensures that learning becomes an adventure to remember. As Astronomer Annie, she illuminates the wonders of the universe, and makes learning fun!


Don't miss our incredible new friend Adam Skidmore. He will tower over the crowd. He is a stiltwalker and will be greeting guests throughout the day. Make sure to get a picture with him!

Tipi Tellers tell Earth stories to teach listeners of all ages how to appreciate the earth and help preserve its natural resources. Check out these stories in the giant, iconic tipi in the center of 21st Street, where the Tipi Tellers eagerly await the curious, the tired, and the lost, entertaining and filling all with stories and tipi history. Many cannot resist the tipi's pull, repeatedly returning to hear just one more story. This storytelling attraction is located in the authentic tipi on 21st Street (see map) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Margaret Clauder

AKA Astronomer Annie


Marsha's Petting Zoo


Walk and talk with the animals as you visit Marsha’s Petting Zoo.

Entrance to the petting zoo is free; a nominal fee is charged for feed cups if you wish to feed the animals.

new train -add photo.jpg

All aboard! Take a ride on our mini-train as it circles 22nd Street near Church Street. Train rides are always fun. Make sure you wave to your friends as you pass by!

Balloon ar t 2.jpg

Texas City Balloon Twisterz

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