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Uncle Jumbo Music

Uncle Jumbo is a Grammy nominee, Parent's Choice Foundation Award-winning Children's Music artist, with a lively rhythmic sound focused on joy, connection, kindness, and wellness. He is on a mission to make families feel closer by providing musical grooves to be enjoyed together by all, from the infants to the elders. 

 Stage B – 12:30 PM , 2:30 PM

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Story Teller

Margaret Clauder

as Bucky the cowgirl TCA artist

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Tipi Tellers

Tipi Tellers tell Earth stories to teach listeners of all ages how to appreciate the earth, and how to help preserve its natural resources. Check out these stories in the giant, iconic tipi in the center of 21st Street, where the Tipi Tellers eagerly await the curious, the tired and the lost, entertaining and filling all with stories and tipi history.  Many cannot resist the pull of the tipi, returning again and again to hear just one more story. https://www.naturerocksnorthtexas.org/partner/tipi-tellers

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The Juicebox Jukebox

The Juicebox Jukebox was created by Dallas-based singer/songwriter and father of three Bradley James Skistimas. His mission is to enrich children’s lives through fun, positive, and educational music and videos that parents and teachers can enjoy. We are thrilled to have him and his family back in Galveston to get the Festival energized by some of his amazing songs like ABC’s of You and The Kindness Song. Bradley is on the Texas Commission on the Arts Texas Touring Roster.


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Missoula Children’s Theater  with the production of Johnny Appleseed

A highlight of the entertainment offered each year is a musical adaptation presented by MISSOULA CHILDREN’S THEATRE as part of a theatre residency.   Presenting Johnny Appleseed this year, Missoula Children’s Theatre works with a cast of 50+ area students for a week prior to the Festival and then presents two performances on The Grand’s historic stage at 11:00 AM and at 1:00 PM as part of the Festival entertainment.


Steve Gryb: The Pied Piper

of Percussion

Get ready to shake your maracas! Steve Gryb, The Pied Piper of Percussion from Miami, Florida presents “The Rhythm is Going to Get You!”  It’s an interactive family percussion show for the young and young-at-heart where you can be ready to participate in his one-of-a-kind show. Everyone will be invited to play instruments with this Pied Piper of Percussion -- instruments that include tambourines of all shapes and sizes, Remo hand-drums, and colorful maracas for the wiggle, jiggle and jam percussion parade. 


Great Promise for American Indians

Great Promise for American Indians has performed across the state of Texas with the mission of preserving the traditions, heritage and culture of American Indians. Their culturally authentic programs are both entertaining and informative; traditions, stories, and history come alive through song and dance. Be sure to see this first time participant in the Festival. Great Promise for America Indians is on the Texas Commission on the Arts Texas
Touring Roster.  www.austinpowwow.net/great-promise-for-native-americans 

The Doodle Bus!

The doodle bus is a 48 passenger school bus that was converted to a mobile art studio based in Missouri city, Tx. We focus on creativity and self expression through art. Every child needs art, its vital, if children engage in hands on activities, they learn much better in all disciplines. Our goal is to spread the love of art and bring out the innate creativity in each child we encounter. Not only do we do birthday parties, but we also offer classes and do special events. The doodle bus is ready to roll in to your neighborhood, let us bring the studio to you!


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Story Teller Amy Blumel

A gifted storyteller, educator. artist and dancer, Amy Bluemel’s appreciation for cultural awareness came early in life.  Raised in a military family, she lived in Germany, Okinawa, Turkey and Scotland before returning to her Chickasaw roots in America.  As the great-granddaughter of Eastman Kaney (an original Dawes Commission enrollee), Amy is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation.  She often performs with the dance troupe Chikashsha Hithla during nationwide tours and shares Chickasaw customs (and those of other southeastern tribes) with audiences of all ages through lively programs at schools and museums across the country. www.amybluemelstoryteller.com


Amy Neel —

Mad About Hoops

Hooper Amy Neel will get things shaking with awesome hula hoop choreography. How many hoops can she twirl? Come watch this amazing, swirling, twirling fun!  www.madabouthoops.com

2022 Activity Schedule

(Current as of 4/14)

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